The effective implementation of this international music project opens up unparalleled opportunities for decent representation and presentation of the enormous cultural potential of our country. The main participants are young people, the ones that will shape our country tomorrow. Our young performers, the future artistic elite of Ukraine, will display their remarkable skills in the most prestigious concert venues, which will be a good start for their further professional development and will glorify Ukraine.

Yevhen Nyshchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

The National Youth Orchestra of Germany, as the national youth orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany, unites young people from all over Germany, ages 14-19. We share the values of openness, tolerance and dialogue between cultures. The projects we have had, for example, in China, South America, Tunisia and Mexico showed us how important it is for young people who share the same love for music to build cultural bridges. The joint orchestra, with young Ukrainian musicians included, will be a source of inspiration for both countries. We are convinced that it will also help bring the two nations closer.

Sönke Lentz, Director of the National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

The Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine is a unique project that unites the most talented young musicians, ages 12-22, from different parts of Ukraine. The idea to establish a youth orchestra was initiated by Oksana Lyniv. Members of the orchestra have the unique chance to work in close cooperation with young European musicians such as the National Youth Orchestra of Germany. Together, they will demonstrate their skills on stage while performing on numerous tours throughout Ukraine and Europe.

With the creation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, we want to create a community where young musicians can gain new experience, not only professional, but also personal. After all, the ensemble will focus on cooperation with youth orchestras from Europe and the rest of the world,’ said Oksana Lyniv, the initiator of the project. ‘Orchestra is the kind of thing where the overall result depends on everyone.

In early 2016, three German partner institutions Beethovenfest Bonn, Bundesjugendorchester and Deutsche Welle reached out to Oksana Lyniv to invite her as conductor for their annual “Campus Project” that brings together young musicians from Germany and abroad. While discussing the program and participants, Oksana Lyniv suggested the idea of creating a Ukrainian Youth Orchestra following the example of the Youth Orchestra of Germany. All parties where in favor of this idea and developed a plan to help create a unique Ukrainian Youth Orchestra that would bring together the best young musicians from both countries.

The project is supported by the Federal Republic of Germany, Goethe-Institut, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Beethovenfest Bonn and the German Music Council in partnership with the LvivMozArt Festival.
In Ukraine the project is implemented by the NGO “LvivMozArt”
Media Partner: Deutsche Welle

On December 11th-12th, 2016 young musicians from all over Ukraine got the chance to audition in front of a joint Ukrainian-German jury. 166 applications from regular and specialized music schools, colleges and academies were submitted. Thirty musicians were selected to be a part of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.

The Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine together with the National Youth Orchestra of Germany will present a program with pieces by Franz Xaver Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Borys Lyatoshynskyi under the guidance of Oksana Lyniv. The first presentation of the project is scheduled for August 25th, 2017 at the grand closing ceremony of the LvivMozArt festival.

A day later, on August 26th, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kyiv will host the performance.

On September 14th-15th, 2017 the two orchestras will have joint performances in Germany (Bonn and Berlin). The young musicians will participate at Beethovenfest in Bonn, Mozart’s native town. Their performances will be recorded and broadcast by Deutsche Welle.

The National Youth Orchestra of Germany and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine do not plan to stop their cooperation there.

Two festivals that carry the names of two great composers, Mozart and Beethoven, are planning a joint project: to create the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. It is a promising event of a high artistic level. We are happy that Ukrainian musical traditions will become a part of our festival this year. This will enable a creative exchange between young people of the two countries, an exchange reaching far beyond just music.