Friday 20 July

DRESS CODE: Cocktail

A visual and musical programme.

Outsiders often perceive Lviv through the lense of the past 150 years. This may be due to Lviv’s architecture, cultural entourage, art and literature. This perception has contributed to the creation of the “Lemberg Myth”. Part of that myth includes the idea that this was a city where many cultural groups lived and created together. At the same time, the myth includes the stories of horrific crimes and brutal atrocities.

The concert will include a video installation derived from the sketches of renowned Austrian contemporary artist Wolfgang Werdigier. The visuals will reproduce the various historical periods of Lviv, focusing on the lives of its ethnic groups under the ever-changing elites and rulers. The professors and students of the "International Summer Academy of Fine Art and Media | Venice" will be participating in the performance.

Installations: Wolfgang Werdigier (Austria)

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