Thursday 19 July

DRESS CODE: Cocktail

The concert dedicated to the history of the Mozart family.


The Mozart family dynasty existed for exactly 125 years. Initially, Leopold Mozart, the patriarch, teacher and composer, passed down the best of European musical traditions (to the next generation). His talented daughter, Nannerl, and a genius son, Wolfgang, toured the capitals of Europe giving music concerts to the amusement of their audience. The musical talent was also transferred to Wolfgang’s youngest son, Franz Xaver Mozart, who made every attempt to enhance and realize his famous father’s musical traditions. But time does not stand still. In 1844, alone and childless, the last musical Mozart passed away ending a dynastic musical tradition.  

Soloists: Franz Xaver Tradler (Germany), Andrii Chernov (Russia-Switzerland), Andriy Dragan (Ukraine-Switzerland), Khrystyna Mykhailychenko (Ukraine)

The Ukrainian Festival Orchestra (Ukraine)

Conductor: Vitali Alekseenok (Belarus-Germany)

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