Saturday 14 July


Chasing after Mozar

Symphony concert

FORMAT: Open-air

DRESS CODE: Cocktail

W.A.Mozart is known for his lively and cheerful music, as well as for his personal antics and comical episodes. When Mozart was composing for the french horn (his favourite instrument, which traces its noots from the hunter's horn), he did it exclusively in major tonalities.

Konstantin Timokhine, the principal french horn player with the Basel Chamber Orchestra will perform, virtuoso works by various authors/composers reguiring extraordinary skill. The evening will be an amazing musical journey including compositions for french horn and its by Joseph Haydn, as well as varieties Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Anecdotal stories from the life of the brilliant composer, W.A.Mozart, will accompany the evening.


Soloists: Konstantin Timokhine (Ukraine-Switzerland)

"INSO-Lviv" Academic Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine)

Conductor: Oksana Madarash (Ukraine)

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