Monday 16 July


The Son’s Tribute to His Father

Choir, Sacred music

Franz Xaver Mozart, Fest-Сhor for the Unveiling of the Mozart Monument in Salzburg

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem, K.626

In 1826, one year after the death of his famous father,  Franz Xaver Mozart conducted W.A.Mozart’s Requiem at St George’s Cathedral in Lviv. The St Cecilia Choir, which Mozart Jr. had founded during his sojourn in Lviv, took part. Initially, F.X.Mozart had planned to make this a yearly event. And thus LvivMozArt is proud to resurrect F.X.Mozart’s vision.

Additionally, the concert will include the performance of Festchor by Franz Xaver, which was first performed in 1842 in Salzburg. On this occasion, a monument to W.A.Mozart Sr. was unveiled. Both, Franz Xaver and Karl Thomas Mozart, Wolfgang’s two sons, were present during the opening of the monument. It was on this occasion that Franz Xaver conducted the premiere performance of his Fest-Сhor.  


Soloists: Susanna Chakhoian (Ukraine), Iryna Zhytynska (Ukraine), Mykhailo Malafii (Ukraine), Serhii Magera (Ukraine)

Chamber Choir ˮGloriaˮ (Ukraine), "INSO-Lviv" Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine)

Conductor: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Austria)

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