Monday 21 August


The Son in Memory of his Great Father

Choir, Sacred music

Franz Xaver Mozart. Cantata for soloists, two choirs  and orchestra in commemoration of W.A. Mozart’s monument unveiling in Salzburg, o. Op.21

The cantata was created by Franz Xaver Mozart in commemoration of W.A.Mozart’s monument unveiling in Salzburg in 1842. He personally was a conductor for this cantata and was present on the day of opening, as well as his older brother – Karl Thomas Mozart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Requiem in D minor, K.626

191 years has passed since “Requiem” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was performed in St George’s Cathedral by St Cecilia Lviv Choir headed by its founder Franz Xavier Mozart.

Genuine letters and dedications written in two languages.

Soloists: Sofia Soloviy, soprano (Ukraine-Italy), Zoryana Kushpler, mezzo-soprano (Ukraine-Austria), Mykhailo Malafii, tenor (Ukraine), Ihor Tsarkov, bass (Ukraine-Germany)

Galician Academic Chamber Choir (Ukraine), "INSO-Lviv" Academic Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Chamber Choir ˮGloriaˮ (Ukraine)

Conductor: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Germany)

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