Sunday 15 July


Valeriy Sokolov and Friends

Chamber concert

FORMAT: Open-air

DRESS CODE: Cocktail

P.Tchaikovsky, The String Sextet “Souvenir de Florence”, Op.70

R.Galliano, Opale Concerto for Accordion and Chamber String Orchestra

A.Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons” Violin Concertos, RV 269 “Spring”, RV 315 “Summer”, RV 293 “Autumn”, RV 297 “Winter”

V. Genin “Light and Shadow”, world premiere, the piece was written specifically for LvivMozArt festival

This programme will mainly focus on the forces of nature, with a special emphasis on how today's elements impact, on contemporary society and, specifically, how they have impacted on Ukrainian culture. The famous Ukrainian violinist, Valeriy Sokolov, will perform with the orchestra. Additionally, the young Bulgarian soloist-virtuoso and recipient of many prestigious international awards, Vivi Vassileva, will perform an incredible piece of music for percussion and orchestra by Tan Dun “The Tears of Nature”, in which every section is dedicated to the latest major world ecological catastrophes. To conclude the programme, we will present the premiere of a Cantata for choir and orchestra by Zoltán Almási on the theme of Kupalo – the rights of spring. Together with the “KURBASY” ensemble, the audience will have the opportunity to immerse itself in a world of total human-nature harmony, which was characteristic of ancient Ukrainian culture.

Soloists: Valeriy Sokolov (Ukraine), Jovica Ivanovic (Serbia)

Chamber orchestra (Ukraine)

Conductor: Vitaliy Protasov (Ukraine)

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