Photo: Wielfried Hösl

Oksana Lyniv


Founder and art director of the LvivMozArt festival. Conductor and music assistant of the general music director of the Bavarian State Opera (Munich, Germany). In the 2017/2020 season, she will hold the position of the chief conductor of opera and philharmonic orchestra in Graz (Austria).
She has worked with numerous European orchestras - German, Austrian, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, Estonian, Romanian, and Swiss.
This season Oksana Lyniv has conducted operas in Munich, Graz, and Barcelona. She has also conducted concert programs with numerous orchestras: Badischen Staatskapelle (Karlsruhe), Neuen Philharmonie (Munich), Bavarian Youth Orchestra, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, “INSO-Lvivˮ Academic Symphony Orchestra,  Odessa National Opera Orchestra and “Kyiv Soloists” Chamber Orchestra.

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