Tjasha Gafner


17 years old. Since 2012, she is a student of Letizia Belmondo at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne.
She received three 1st prizes at the Swiss Music Contest and several international distinctions, such as the 2nd prize at the Concours Lily Laskine in Paris, the 1st prize at the Felix Godefroid Competition in Belgium (2012), in 2014 a 1st prize at the Concorso Suoni d’Arpa in Milan and in 2016 the 1st prize at the Concours Martine Géliot in Paris/Fontainebleau.
Tjasha gave two concerts at the World Harp Congress, in 2014 in Sydney, Australia, and in 2017 in Hong Kong.
Tjasha has been playing as a soloist with orchestras of Basel, Munich, Paris and New York. She regularly gives solo recitals in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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