Viktor Andriychenko

He graduated from the Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine as a violinist. He was the first violin in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and in the International Youth Symphony Orchestra ˮI, CULTURE Orchestraˮ.
At the same time he was improving his vocal skills at master classes in Switzerland and Germany. Since 2015 he has lived in Munich where he studies the technique of performing vocal pieces of the Baroque epoch. Нe received scholarships from the Ukrainian Free University and the Munich Music Union.
Viktor is an award winner of the ˮKammeroper Schloss Reinsbergˮ vocal competition. He has participated in the Munich Summer Theater Academy (2016).
During the season of 2016-2017 he has performed as a soloist, violinist and orchestra concertmaster in the program dedicated to the music of Ukrainian composers (Munich, Germany).

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